Marketing is the most overused term and under utilised function in business. Marketing is the way businesses create relationships with their customers, enabling the business to grow and make money.

When we ask clients what they are doing with their marketing, we get responses of Google Ads, Facebook, print, and other traditional forms of advertising.

The truth is, marketing begins long before you spend extended dollars to put your brand in front of an intended audience.

With this in mind at ALINEA we begin our discovery sessions long before your branding comes into it, we discuss what your customer wants vs. what they need vs. what they expect.


Our planning involves a discovery session with you and your team around your current marketing position.

During the session, we’ll identify market opportunities, potential customer groups and determine your key selling points and marketing goals.

From here we will do some further market research, decide on the key performance indicators we will be tracking, identify the media platforms that will be used and put together a marketing plan for you, including a timeline of when tasks within your strategy will be completed.

This will also include a defined budget, campaign strategy and marketing touchpoints for your potential customers.

Our unique planning process allows us to get a complete understanding of your business, your team and your goals.



Once we have agreed on the best way to execute your strategy…the fun begins!

We will generate all the campaign messaging, develop the content – including the visual identity (in line with your branding) and organise media placements.

Once all the design work is done, you will have the opportunity to review it and make any changes you think are necessary and we promise to give you a professional opinion without getting offended!

During the development stage we will communicate and issues we may have come across and put these fires out before they begin.


Whilst we’re a creative gang…we want to make sure all of our hard work is performing and this is where we get our ninja numbers on!

When setting up any campaigns, we will put in place split market testing to find out which messaging and content your audience is most engaged with and what helps them decide to click the call to action or pick up the phone.

Each month you will receive a monthly report on what has worked, what hasn’t and what we’re going to do it about moving forward.

We will spend time reviewing your campaign, making improvements, optimizing and measuring traffic, engagement, actions and any uplifts on non-paid channels.

We will evaluate if your ROAS (Return on advertising spend) is worth it and how we can minimise your spend for maximum quality lead generation.


Growing your business isn’t all about how many times your phone rings each day, it is about making sure when it rings the lead is quality and your team knows how to handle the call.

At ALINEA we are super passionate about making sure your sales and marketing processes are all inline. We run sale workshops and training for your team and recognise that sometimes it is only small tweaks in language or tone that can make all the difference to the customer experience on a sales call.

We look at your processes around handling customer enquiry and help you discover ways to improve this process.

We are all about conversions from ads to your website to your leads to you sales!

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