The need for an executive coach comes when the feeling of knowing that you could be more becomes too painful. 

The need for an executive coach comes when the feeling of knowing that you could be more becomes too painful.

Unfortunately for most, the easiest path out of this feeling is distraction. With extremes being behaviours like alcohol consumption or excessive spending. For business owners and high-performers, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

It may be as small as micro managing roles in your business and not giving your team room to grow. Your cravings to solve small problems gives you a sense of purpose and control. However, if you think deeper about the problems you are solving, you would see that you should be working on and are meant to be working on MUCH BIGGER THINGS.

Another sign is that you can become heavily focused on your outer world. The external environment, the people and forces of the world. From this comes judgement, blame and reasons as to why you aren’t reaching your potential.

If you add to this the responsibilities of life, relationships, supporting your children, paying for a desired lifestyle,accumulation of this can get you to an extreme boiling point.

As a high-performer, we can fall victim to assuming things are going to be better in the future, regardless of if we change our habits or not. Unfortunately the opposite is true, if you currently feel that you are in a rut, if you are currently on repeat with the stress of paying a mortgage or trying to get time off for family holidays. This will never change unless you do.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Our executive coaching program focuses on business owners, entrepreneurs and people with a passion for more. Somewhere in the process of wanting more than average we have become lost. Our path did not take us where we thought it would and now it’s time to adjust the plan.

Our goal here at ALINEA is for you not to shrink to a level of normal, we know you can gain your momentum and drive again. Where you experience that satisfaction of personal progress, the connection of being there for others and having experiences that you couldn’t have controlled your way into.

What’s involved in a coaching session?

Our coaching sessions are performed on a monthly basis. This frequency may be increased in higher stress and accountability times.

Each session is working through current challenges you are facing and aligning your actions towards where you want to be. 

Executive coaching is not a solution to mental disorders. Life coaching and executive coaching should never be substituted for licensed psychologist or health care professional.