Facebook advertising is a huge player in your social media marketing tool-kit and with the future changes coming to the platform, we do expect Facebook ads and their impact to be on the rise!

That being said, Facebook advertising is (for now) a really cost effective way to acquire new business.

It’s not just about clicks and conversion of the ad.

Our aim is to have your favourite type of high-return, low stress customer contacting you for your service.


More Than Facebook Ad Managers

ALINEA’s services are built on the foundations of our agency, BRANDING and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Our custom branding approach assures you create the right message with your advertising, to attract the right customers.

Being business builders we understand the importance of not wasting money or time on a ‘tick-the-box’ solution.

Our growth-focused Facebook campaigns turn advertising spend into profits.

We at ALINEA strongly believe that if your Facebook advertising isn’t putting money in your bank, then it’s not worth doing! regardless of how often you hear ‘building awareness’ as a marketing objective, we understand that you are in business to get sales!

How do we make sure we’re doing this?


We find out why and how you are using Facebook Advertising. We offer a free discovery session to get to the bottom of why your ads may not have been delivering the results you were expecting. During the session we find out about you, your customers and the way they use Facebook and how to get the most out of your advertising spend. 


We review any campaigns, both past and present, to ensure you are targeting the right people, at the right time and for the right reason. We want your audience buying or booking not just looking! 


We check out your messaging, making sure we develop content that aligns with your brand, unique selling point or value proposition and communicate that directly to your target markets.


We run testing on it all – the messaging, the audiences, the copy, the visuals, the timing…the lot! And we make any necessary changes that are needed to opitimize your campaign.


We monitor, we review, we change and we improve to ensure we are meeting your expectations.


We review the audience that have engaged but not purchased and we re-target them with different messaging to create even stronger conversions for your advertising spend.